Hi I’m so glad that you are here at Steps to Trusting.

Several years ago, if someone asked me if they could read what I was writing I would have probably turned them down.  I was writing for me.  I was writing to process and I was processing what was hidden deep in my heart.  I was working through doubt and questions that I was not able to share for fear of shame or rejection.  However, my face was turned to my Savior.  I was seeking to know if He was trustworthy.  Many times before in my life I had given Him pieces of my trust.  It started when I was four.

I trusted in Jesus as my Savior at the age of four.

Sometimes, we look at statements like that and think it is a once and done thing but trusting in Jesus is really a journey.  It has new challenges each day that invite us to trust Him deeper and with greater portions of our lives.

As I grew and there were more adventures and challenges on my horizon. I had to choose if I would trust Him in each one.

I trusted Him with my future and my dreams as I was falling in love.  I trusted Him for my family as my husband and I desired to have a baby.  I trusted Him with my desire to stay home with my children.

Though at these snapshots in time I have been trusting in Jesus, there has been an ebb and flow of me giving Him my trust and then taking it back to control for myself.  I have held on tightly to some things that I was not ready to trust God with.

I say that I trust God with my family but do I trust if that means watching my children make mistakes and learning for themselves.

I say I trust God with my future but do I trust that this future may look different than I expect.

So, I want to tell you I trusted Jesus with my life when I was four but still I am taking steps to trusting Him.

This blog is a step in that trust.  It is letting go of my story because I know it is really the story that God is writing in me.  It is opening up and letting people into challenges and victories in my life.  Through the ups and downs, periods of trust and periods of grasping tightly to my control God has been working.  He has been showing me that He is trustworthy.  And so, I hope to continue to let go of my control and take steps to trusting the only one who is trustworthy with my desires, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, with my everything.

Your turn:

What are you trusting God for in your life?  What is your next step in letting go of control and                           trusting God more fully?

Looking for some ways to take steps to trusting God?

  • A great first step is looking back at how God has been working in your life. Taking the time to give Him the credit and the praise He deserves prepares us to trust Him more fully.  Check out my Stones of Remembrance series where I have attempted to do just that with milestones in my life.
  • Another step is to learn more about who this God is. I hope you will join me in my Who I am and the I AM series.  This series follows my journey in learning who God is and the identity that He offers to those that trust Him.

Happy next-stepping!