Stones of Remembrance

I find myself standing in the present looking back at many milestones along the way. I can see moments, almost tangible, that stick with me as lessons I have learned. Sometimes I forget to look back. Sometimes I forget the lessons I have learned or what God has done for me. I need to be reminded that he is faithful and trustworthy.
I’m reminded of the Israelites as they were crossing the Jordan on dry land on the way to the promised land. The story can be found in Joshua 4:5-7.

They too needed a reminder. God told them not to forget. He told them to set up a way to remember even when the memory was fading way.

They set up stones of remembrance for themselves and their children to remember the faithfulness of God and of what he had done for them.

Can we do this? Can we set up pillars in our lives that as we look back we can see the reminders of how we have been blessed and what we have learned from that blessing.
This article is the start of a series to begin to set up the stones of remembrance of God’s faithfulness.

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If we looked back at how God has provided for us in our past would, we trust Him more with our future?

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